Once the glamorous mistress to a high-powered mob boss, Natalie Pascal was now a kept woman of a very different sort. Her new keeper: U.S. Marshal Zack Ryder, the handsome man assigned to give her a new identity and a chance to cleanse her torrid past. Soon, only her guardian’s presence could comfort her, only his touch could chase away her nightmares.

Zack always played by the rules and that meant never getting involved with a witness. If Natalie’s cover was compromised, she’d be given a new life—one he’d know nothing about. But trying to deny his desire for the vulnerable beauty was compromising his very ability to see danger approaching.

By succumbing to Natalie’s siren song, Zack could destroy his career and maybe his own safety. Now, who was keeping whom?


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"This book pushed the envelope right to the edge of the table and let it hang in precarious balance. The premise is edgy and sexy and the story is executed to perfection. The characters grabbed me by the heartstrings with their very emotional conflicts. The intensity of their attraction for each other nearly set the book on fire. The author has obviously done her homework on the Witness Protection Program. And once again, she brings her knowledge of the Native American culture into play. A Kept Woman is a must-be-read book for Sheri WhiteFeather fans. And if youve never read her books before, it will be a great introduction to her work."
~ Marilyn Writers Unlimited