Walker Ashton wished his sister had never discovered that their mother was still alive. And worse, he wished she hadn't convinced him to find her. After all, he was acting CEO at Ashton-Lattimer, and he had always put business before pleasure.

But pleasure is what he sought when he met Tamra Winter Hawk, the woman caring for his estranged mother, and the most beautiful Native American he had ever seen. Still, this woman had taken his place in his family. He should be feeling anything but attraction. Walker didn't know why Tamra affected him so deeply, why she made him yearn for a forbidden liaison. Was he trying to punish her? Or was he hell-bent on torturing himself? Only time would tell..


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"If you've been following the Ashton saga, you'll be eager to read this one and fit yet another piece into the puzzle. Betrayed Birthright is brimming with dirty little secrets, blazing passion, smoldering sensuality and of course, a happy ending. You won't be disappointed."
~ Writers Unlimted, Marilyn Puett

"Ms. Whitefeather writes a wonderful, romantic tale of deception and love with BETRAYED BIRTHRIGHT. Beguiling characters and an intriguing storyline make this a story not to be missed."
~ Romance Reviews Today, Sinclair Reid