“I dare you to fall in love with me.”

The press labeled coed Maggie Connelly young, reckless, impulsive. Actually, she was a woman in love. With Lucas Starwind. But the hardened Cherokee P.I. hid his battered heart behind a macho bravado. Maggie horned in on his case – and his life – and boldly promised: I’ll heal your heart, then you’ll have to marry me.

Luke didn’t believe in love, but he knew desire. Maggie Connelly – almost half his age – dared him to feel, to want, to hope. But Luke had to resist her, for if he took her in his arms, he feared he’d never let her go….


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TOP PICK! "Maggie Connelly knew she was falling in love with Luke Starwind since they danced at her brother's wedding. She also knows she wants to work alongside hime in his investigations, not just to be close to him, but because she wants to help right some of the wrongs of her family members. If she does all that and manages to touch his heart as well, she knows the rewards will be great. Sheri WhiteFeather tells a passionate and touching story that fans of the Connelly Dynasty will definietly not want to miss in CHEROKEE MARRIAGE DARE."
~ 4-1/2 stars. Romantic Times Magazine.

"Ms. WhiteFeather takes the reader from corporate Chicago to rural Illinois to the ancient buildings of Alteria. While keeping her readers captivated with her story, she also teaches us a little about Cherokee history....For those wanting a romantic story with some scheming, plotting, and crime solving, this is the book for you. And for those who have followed the Connelly saga so diligently, you will be rewarded for your perseverance and patience. I encourage you to get a copy of Cherokee Marriage Dare as soon as it hits the stores.."
~ Marilyn Puett, Writers Unlimited