That was how Emily Chapman felt when her gaze locked with the sensual, black-eyed stranger across the smoky bar. As the jukebox wailed, she knew he was the man, and this was the night.

What James Dalton felt for Emily Chapman was so hot it should be outlawed. Nothing else mattered but this moment, in this incredibly arousing woman’s arms. But he was a man with a lot to hide. And Emily had her own secrets, too. Come tomorrow, they would part as strangers. Unless a chance encounter could turn the past into a future worth fighting for.


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"Sheri WhiteFeather creates the ultimate bad boy and makes readers love him anyway. James Dalton is a former mobster with a good heart who deserves the love he finds in Cherokee Stranger."
~ Romantic Times Book Club, Angela Keck, 4 ½ stars!

"This steamy, hot romance is fantastically written…I was especially pleased that the seriousness of skin cancer was noted with genuine sympathy and accurate details. And James is seriously sexy; the love scenes are passionate enough to ignite the pages. Ms. WhiteFeather knows her audience well and writes in a way to capture their attention while allowing them to “fall” into the careful plotting and secrets of each character. Her knowledge of Cherokee customs and behaviors rings true with her stories and makes the strong, sensual men even more enjoyable."
~ Leslie Jackson, Writers Unlimited Reviewer