***Two-Book Bundle!*** Books one and two in the Blood Genie series. The heroes in these stories are brothers, but they are also "gen-vamps," vampire-genie hybrids who grant wishes for the exchange of blood. 

Book 1: As a teenager, Tessa Clarins was damaged by a fire, and now the scarred twenty-five-year-old virgin has been made beautiful by a wish. But Tessa's wish is only temporary, and so is her affair with Anthony Dumont, the wildly romantic "gen-vamp" feasting on her veins and stealing her innocence. Night after night Tessa puts her heart on the line. But so does Anthony, leaving sex, love, and secrets in his blood-hungry wake.

Book 2: Marie North has known about gen-vamps since she was child, but she never expected to yearn for a wish. Nor did she expect that Nicholas Dumont, the hot-as-hell hybrid granting her wish, would prey on her emotions or charm her into playing bondage games. But worst of all, this dangerously sexy blood-drinker is determined to seduce Marie into falling in love with him.


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