It's not easy living down a wild-child reputation. But Susan Fortune has never done anything the easy way. Who would have guessed she'd turn out to be a well-respected San Francisco psychologist with a knack for helping wayward teens? Not Ethan Eldridge, her secret crush who lived in Red, Rock, Texas , seventeen years ago.

Now back on the ranch to pay respect to ailing Ryan Fortune, Susan lets Ethan in on her little secret. However, the sexy and serious veterinarian has a surprise for her, too. Their longing was mutual . And how can he say no to a second chance with Susan? But Ethan's heart is scarred. And if she wants to keep him, Susan's got to prove that even rebels have to put down roots sometime.


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"Called home because her beloved cousin Ryan is dying, psychologist Susan Fortune thinks she can handle seeing Ethan Eldridge again. He resisted her charms so well during her teenage bad-girl phase that Susan is convinced Ethan won't even remember her. But the country vet has changed too, and he makes no secret of his desire for her. More overtly sensual than previous titles in the series, Sheri Whitefeather's Once a Rebel (4) has a memorable hero who's paired with an equally strong heroine. It also ratchets up the tension in the overall story arc quite a bit -- a very good thing."
~ Romantic Times, 4 stars, Catherine Witmer