August 2010
Berkley Heat

Seduction’s Dance...

It’s been two years since Jay and Beverly divorced and Jay still can’t get her off of his mind--or out of his fantasies. Even more frustrating is that Beverly hasn’t given up her sultry job. She continues to work as a stripper at a local club--so close, yet so untouchable, except if Jay’s willing to pay the price. Old passions and jealousies lure him to the club for one last dance.

Since her divorce from Jay, Beverly has undergone past life regression sessions, where new-age therapy helps her identify who she was in a past life: Princess Camille of yore, a young European bride who attempted to make her husband, a Middle Eastern prince, fall in love with her by infiltrating his harem and becoming his most prized possession. Though different in many ways, both Camille and Beverly use their empowering, erotic dance to unleash their desire. And Beverly and Jay’s once-passionate relationship will soon reach a whole new level of sensuality.


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"Any self-respecting hedonist will love this book!" —Romantic Times