Lourdes Quinterez had no choice but to tend the badly bruised stranger she found lurking on her ranch. Soon the compassion that stirred her heart changed from tender caring to steamy desire for the rugged, mysterious intruder who called her “Angel” and promised to stay by her side….

Juan knew nothing about the man he had been. He only knew the man he wanted to be—Lourdes’s lover and father to her twin daughters. But when Juan’s sordid past threatened to ruin it all, only the fragile bond of love he had forged with her could make real his hope for a new life.


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"When Lourdes Quinterez finds an unconscious and badly injured man in her barn, she had conflicting instincts, but ultimately does the right thing. She takes the injured man into her home, where he can heal. From the moment he regains consciousness, and long before he remembers who he is or how he ended up in her barn, the underlying sensuality between them is obvious. With his memory gone, he’s content for the time being to start fresh. But all too soon his past comes looking for him, bringing with it a flood of memories. Sheri WhiteFeather will thrill her loyal readers with THE HEART OF A STRANGER." 4 stars.
~ Angela Keck, Romance Reviews

"Sheri WhiteFeather has pushed the sensuality envelope again with this stirring account of compassion, danger, and taking-a-chance-on-love. Readers can’t help but feel sorry for the battered man as he struggles to heal physically and recover his memory – a memory that soon begins to worry him. What kind of man had he been? But more importantly, what kind of man could he become with the help of the amazing woman whose life he had literally fallen into? And they will sympathize with Lourdes’ struggles, the physical ones as well as the emotional ones. THE HEART OF A STRANGER is a extraordinary read and a fitting conclusion to this mini-series. Sheri’s fans won’t be disappointed. Be sure to get your copy early and enjoy."
~ Marilyn Puett, Writers Unlimited