June 2010
Berkley Anthology

What do bridesmaids wish for?

When it comes to weddings, why should the bride and groom be the only ones tying knots? In these consummate erotic novellas set in steamy New Orleans , three nice-turned-naughty bridesmaids each make a wish by tossing a coin into an infamous fountain. Before the night is through, these bridesmaids find themselves entangled with passionate partners, who show them the only way to free their desires is through the most enticing restraints.

Nikita Black goes behind the closed doors of a bordello and a masked bachelorette party where anything can—and does—happen.

Allyson James explores a ménage a trois as a bridesmaid finds herself locked in a house with two men who introduce her to sensations that are out of this world.

Sheri Whitefeather reveals a secret room in a Victorian B&B where a bridesmaid’s forbidden erotic dreams become a reality.

An invitation to indulgence, Wedding Favors offers bold and sensual adventures in seduction and surrender. When the gowns come off, the games begin…


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